10 of Lady Gaga’s Craziest Outfits

October 27, 2016

Lady Gaga is one of the biggest stars in the show business today, but perhaps you know her more for her bizarre outfits. She definitely has a weird taste and everytime she likes to showcase her most outrageous costumes, ranging from a dress, that was made out of raw meat, to one that was inspired by condoms. The following are 10 of Lady Gaga’s craziest outfits. 1. Meat dress  The…


Top Ten Biggest Celebrity Fitness Body Transformation

May 11, 2016

Appearance is very important when it comes to being a celebrity. Many celebrities will do everything they can to attain physically fit bodies. Starting with Christina Aguilera to Khloe Kardashian here is the list of the Top ten biggest celebrity fitness body transformation. Miranda Lambert Miranda is popularly known for her charming curves both on and off stage. However, the high ranking celebrity decided to change her looks through sliming….


10 Shocking Photos of Celebs Without Makeup

Kim Kardashian
December 7, 2015

We all know about them, but we do not have the opportunity to see them without makeup. Are you disappointed? We didn`t expect something like this. 1. Pamela Anderson We all know about her, but we do not have the opportunity to see her without makeup. Are you disappointed?   Like us on Facebook


Top 10 dresses of 2015 Oscar

March 11, 2015

10. Emma Stone Green is definitely top 1 color of Oscar 2015. Redhead actress Emma Stone brought a long light green dress with a deep slit front and long sleeves with signature by Elie Saab.   Like us on Facebook