Top 5 Best Super Bowl Halftime Shows of All Time

The Super Bowl halftime show, which is the largest and most-watched TV show in the US implies that whoever performs amid the halftime show is playing on the greatest stage in the country. These Super Bowl halftime events started in 1991 with New Kids on the Block. Previously, the show featured a topic with marching bands and various performance groups. However, after 1991 it became the norm for pop stars to assume control over the field with backup dancers, props, and live bands. Many of which experienced a list of their top hits in a matter of these crucial minutes. Here are the Top 5 Best Super Bowl Halftime events of All Time

5. Enormous Bad Voodoo Daddy, Gloria Estefan, and Stevie Wonder (1999)

super bowl halftime show

Enormous Bad Voodoo Daddy, Gloria Estefan, and Stevie Wonder. Eclectic, beyond doubt, which was the point. Throughout their entire careers they’ve experienced consistent success. Wonder and Estefan gave us a peak of the best live singing the world has seen. What’s more, the backup salsa dancers, and Voodoo Daddy and jitterbug sprinkled all through the field were the icing on the cake. This was one memorable party.

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