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Sexy and Talented Actor Tom Hardy Continues Stealing the Show

No one can question Tom Hardy’s talent since he has gifted us with many wonderful performances displaying widely all his acting craft since his debut in 2001 following a long list of movies and award nominations. Being the last one his first nomination to an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role on “The Revenant”. Not to mention he is not bad to look at, thing that we…


Hot Shots of the NBA

The game of basketball has a huge following in the United States. It is said to be he most common sport after soccer, and the NBA is the most popular basket ball league. Players get paid millions of dollars and some say their salaries are over the top. But their salaries actually come with a lot of responsibility of leading their teams to the top spot in the league. Even…


10 Celebrities Who You Thought Were Dead but Are Just Living under a Bridge

It is definitely not a secret that in the entertainment industry, celebrities tend to make millions of dollars. There are a few intelligent luminaries that have taken care of their money by investing it in franchises, real estate, stock market, or etc., but there are other figures who lived it up a little too much and ended up losing all their cash and are now bankrupt and go unnoticed in…


10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Princess Diana

The late Princess Diana is still considered to be the ‘People’s Princess,’ as she broke the protocols that the royal family imposed. She went out in public like if she was the girl next door and often opted to speak about the problems in marriage, on both print and television. For these reasons, this princess became an outsider in the castle that she lived in–Windsor Castle–where many members of the…


10 Celebrities Who Are Ridiculously Over Qualified

Here is a list of 10 celebrities who are proud owners of prestigious degrees. 1. Wladimir Klistchko Born in Kazakhstan and fighting for for Ukraine,this handsome hunk has been in the news because of his celebrity wife Hayden Panettiere. But little does people know that this former world champion in four different leagues and Olympic gold medalist is also a PhD holder.He was awarded this prestigious degree in 2001 from…


Some People We Should Know but We Don’t

One thing about historical famous people is that there are so many of them. Individuals get to learn about these people from various sources; school, books, parents, movies, articles, the internet, and so on. However, the system is not airtight, meaning that there are people who did great things in the course of history but are not famous. Below is a look at some people we should know but we…


Wayne Rooney, The Player With The Highest Salary in English Football and Such Record-Breaking Goal in 2016

Wayne Rooney, The Player With The Highest Salary in English Football and Such Record-Breaking Goal in 2016. Wayne Rooney is a good example of English native talent still shines today amid the many foreign players playing in the English Premier League, with the fantastic salary £300k per week with Manchester United. Wayne Rooney moved from Everton to Manchester United in the summer of 2004 with £25m transfer fee. Now he…

Kobe Bryant

Top 10 Highest Paid NBA Players In 2016

Basketball is supposedly the most common sports after soccer, and NBA is the most popular basketball league. It is a sport where the players get paid millions of dollars to take part in the court and give out their best performance. The salaries of some of the leading basketball players is over the top, which comes with a condition. The players must ensure that they play hard to take their…