Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner: How Do They Love Each Other?

Following an about year-long whirlwind relationship, Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner and DNCE frontman Joe Jonas declared they were locked in. The 21-year-old performing artist started dating the 28-year-old former Jonas Brother at some point the previous fall, and now he’s recently decided to put a ring on it.

The relationship has been kept under wraps, with just dubious looks into their affectionate life by paparazzi. Indeed, even super-sleuthing Jonas Brothers fans experienced difficulty staying aware of the relationship and posted befuddled responses all finished online networking yesterday.

1. Nothing Too Serious – Aug. 2016

Joe Jonas

In summer 2016, it didn’t appear as though marriage was anywhere on the radar for Jonas. In a meeting with US Weekly, Jonas neglected to specify anything remarkable in the domain of relationships.

“I’m dating, yet nothing genuine. I’m truly attempting to simply concentrate on myself and the music. By and large, I’m doing me at present and I imagine that is essential.” Okay, Joe. Whatever you say.

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