How Would CR7 React with Irina’s Shocking Revelation?

2. The Couple Shows Joyful Companionship

Irina and Ronaldo

So, does gorgeous Victoria Secret model let Ronaldo regret knowing her good news? That thing can only be done by a person who has not yet moved on. If that happens, then she would have made her new boyfriend a rebound. Cooper and Irina was reported to have been dating since two years ago and confirmed their romantic relationship last year. With that reason, she is probably been happier with her current romance apparently. The couple has been spotted having good time together. Especially, according to People magazine, Bradley Cooper and Irina shayk have welcomed their first child for two weeks. And that clearly shows that the girl has moved one with her previous partner.

And why wouldn’t the football player regret after hearing his ex- girlfriend’s good news?

Considering that both of them are in new relationship, and observed to be both happy with their partners, it is clearly that he wouldn’t feel disappointed over Shayk’s newborn baby.

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