How Would CR7 React with Irina’s Shocking Revelation?

1. The Pregnant Model Wears Engagement Ring

Irina and Ronaldo

Irina and Ronaldo’s love story let media “waste paper and ink”. After being in a relationship with the star football player CR7 from the year 2010 to 2015, Irina Shayk was confirmed pregnant and probably be engaged to the movie actor Bradley Cooper. As recalled, it is believed that Irina was refused by Dolores (her football player ex –boyfriend’ mother) because Dolores thinks that Irina would not prioritize having a family. And she cannot manage to take care of Rolando’s only son. She isn’t the right girl for her son!

It was rumored that CR7 broke their relationship up after the model refused to attend his mom’s 60th birthday party and stayed at a hotel in Madrid. Looking back, their relationship lasted for a period of five years only.

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