7 Celebrities Who Found Love Again After Divorce

The “D”- divorce word is surely not something any couple would love to hear. But definitely finding love after divorce will allow you to let go of all negativity from the past. It also brings you opportunity to embrace the new life will full enthusiasm and positive outlook. The below is the list of celebrities who found their true love after divorce.

1. Blake Shelton says “Gwen saved my life”

after divorce

After divorce from Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton gives huge credits to Gwen Stefani, the “Misery” singer for enabling him to stand up on his feet again in life. Stefani completely understood the situation of Shelton as she herself was dealing with a bad breakup with Gavin Rossdale. The Bush rocker was reported cheating on Stefani with their children’s nanny, Mindy Mann. Stefani and Gavin announced that they were ending their 13-year marriage in August 2015. One month after Shelton, and Lambert announced they were divorcing after four years.

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