Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s Divorce Dilemma

A Biographer who had predicted Angelina and Brad’s Pitt’s divorce claims that the couple is back together after reunion meeting.

brad pitt and angelina jolie

The couple decided on a fresh start after seeking a spiritual counselor claimed Ian Halperin (Brad and Angelina’s biographer), but it didn’t mean that the couple was calling off the divorce. The couples broke many people’s hearts last September when they announced their divorce this was due to Brad’s drinking and drugs problems.

They, however, earlier this month decided to go for couple counseling. The session was a set up by their divorce negotiator who seven weeks ago planned it at a friend’s house it seems to have work now that both Brad and Angelina seem to be happier together than a part. Brad was the first to take a step claims Ian and there was a lot of joy as they hugged and decided to start over.

This doesn’t mean that they are going to call off the divorce. After 12 years together the couple sees this divorce is not the worst thing that is to happen they feel that once the divorce is complete they will start fresh.

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