10 Celebs With Same Face

1. Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus
Number one on our list of Celebs with same face definitely goes to Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber! When this picture got posted on twitter it just went viral so fast. Just take a good look at the picture and you’ll see an amazing similarity. You must admit that this is pretty scary!

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  1. Heath and Joseph are not similar. One is dead from a suicide while the other is still living. One was a mediocre actor who only “rose to fame” after he died while another one can only make good movies if a Nolan brother is directing him.

    1. Jake you are a monumental idiot if you truly believe what you have stated. Heath Ledger did not die of a suicide and whilst he was alive contributed to some of the best genre defining films of all time: ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, ‘Brokeback Mountain’ and ‘Lords of Dogtown’. I have no doubt that if he were alive today he would without doubt be regarded as one of the best actors alive. As it is he is regarded by veteran actors such as Matt Damon as the best actor they have ever worked with not to mention that Johnny Depp named an island after him among countless other honours that just go to show how much talent Heath had to offer and how much he is respected. Joseph too has had a similar start in his career, appearing alongside Heath in ’10 things I hate about you’, a slightly cringey but still well respected film within its genre. If ‘Don Jon’ is anything to go by, his career looks to be equally as fervent. You are out of your depth Jake and should refrain from this kind of ill-advised, ignorant ranting that I can only believe you spew because you want to provoke. You are the number one reason against having comments sections in articles.

  2. James Nesbitt and Titus Welliver. I always thought they were the same person, and I was so happy for another British actor making it in Hollywood lol

  3. I always said levitt looks so much like him, not with hair etc.
    but some facial expressions etc are so similiar.
    nice im not the only one seeing that:)

  4. I remember the weird moment that I had it confirmed that Heath Ledger and Gordon Levitt were not the same person. I was watching a Gordon Levitt movie thinking it was an earlier film by Ledger, who had already passed away. Levitt might be an evil doppleganger. (sarc)

  5. Diane Kruger could also match Mischa Barton/Elijah Wood. And Ali McGraw (Love Story) and Kendall Jenner is also look a lot alike (ok apart from the age gap..)!

  6. Archetypes. We love them, dont we. The reason they look similar is because we, the crowd, sets a standard for what we think is worth watching. There are thousands of actors out there with incredible actingskills. They could make us beleieve anything. But the desiding factor isnt acting, its what we behold as above the standard. And then the “flavour of the decenium”-looks get an advantage. And they look roughly the same…

    1. Úristen de jóóóóóóó, Mallorca egyébként is a szívem csücske. Hmmm ……. az a durva, hogy amikor nászúton voltunk akkor is láttunk ilyen házakat a sziklákon, hegyoldalakban épültek – szomszéd nuku – és egy csodálatos öbölre, tengerre … stb. nézett. Olyan gyÃnÅyör¶±séges volt …De ez a ház, ahhhhhhhh a szívemet fájdítom mostanában amikor benézek hozzád. :-))))))))))

  7. “The same face” is a “bit” too much. Most of them have only more or less similar proportians. For example Heath and Joseph only have the same chin and only the front part of it and yes the proportionas between the several parts of their faces but the parts themselves are not similar. The closest match is Miley/Bieber – and that’s funny.

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