10 Celebs That Have Feuded with Taylor Swift

Taylor swift is a Pennsylvanian born American singer and songwriter who became one of the most popular contemporary female recording artist of her generation.

Taylor entered the music industry at a tender age of 14 and later become a sensation selling more than 40 million albums between 2010 and 2015.

She was the youngest woman to be ranked first in Forbes celebrity 100. Her incredible success in the music industry has created a lot of controversies and conflicts with a lot of artists in the field of entertainment in general.

Here is a list of 10 celebs that have feuded with Taylor Swift

1. Michael J Fox

Taylor Swift

Michael got himself into trouble when a comment he made about Taylor was misinterpreted. During the week following the 2013 Golden globes, Michael was at a cocktail party when he was asked if his son would go out with Taylor Swift. Michael responded with a reference to a line from one of Taylor’s iconic songs talking about Taylor breaking up with her boyfriend. Michael then added that he would hear a song about how his son is a jerk if he did date and break up with Taylor.

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