Top 5 Most Gorgeous Women’s Hairstyles

The hair style a woman wears does more than make her look great. It tells of her sense of personality, fashion and style. There are many hairstyles that a woman can wear and while some are gorgeous others are just plain ugly. In this excerpt we will look at the top 5 most gorgeous women’s hairstyles.

1. Crown Braid

hbz-crown-braids-elle-fanningRoyal ladies have been wearing crowns since the beginning of time. It is from this crown that this hairstyle was born. It is designed in such a way that the hair looks as if a person is wearing a crown. This is not a formal hair style and is best suited for celebrities who have personal stylists. It is quite elegant but not easy to maintain as it requires frequent care and touch ups. The braid is made such that it surrounds the head in a circular manner.

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