6 Times Gigi Hadid Stole Serena Van Der Woosen’s Style

Quite a long time ago, when Blair Waldorf was still Queen B and Golden Boy was still the shaggy-haired Prince of Manhattan, a young lady out in California named Gigi Hadid longed for moving to NYC and joining the city’s most acclaimed inner circle… and it appears in her style decisions today. Look at six times that the now-stamped supermodel completely copped Serena van der Woodsen’s epically scandalous style. here is 6 Times Gigi Hadid Stole Serena Van Der Woosen’s Style.

1. Formal Florals


Flower print and shines can undoubtedly veer into Toddlers and Tiaras domain, yet abandon it to these notorious blondes to make it work. Meet their more youthful sibling Anwar, who shows up in another photograph shoot for Nylon magazine’s October It Girl issue as a component of their “Folks We Heart” arrangement. While the 16-year-old is not as happy with being before the camera as his sisters (yet), the high schooler absolutely resembles he’s acquired the model quality.

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