Top 5 Best Super Bowl Halftime Shows of All Time

justin timberlake
October 24, 2017

The Super Bowl halftime show, which is the largest and most-watched TV show in the US implies that whoever performs amid the halftime show is playing on the greatest stage in the country. These Super Bowl halftime events started in 1991 with New Kids on the Block. Previously, the show featured a topic with marching bands and various performance groups. However, after 1991 it became the norm for pop stars…


Top 10 Best Game of Thrones Episodes You Must Watch

Game of Thrones
August 9, 2017

With only nine more episodes left until we find out who sits on the Iron Throne, it is time we review the best episodes of the world’s most popular TV series. Here are the 10 episodes you definitely shouldn’t miss. 10. Ep9, S01 (Baelor) Game of Thrones isn’t afraid to ruthlessly murder its characters. Ned Stark, one of the central characters, is shockingly beheaded in this episode. Daenerys also lost…


Singers Who Have The Most-downloaded Holiday Song Of All Time

November 30, 2016

1. “Must be Santa,” Mitch Miller Is there any past kindergartner who hasn’t sung this song no under 25 times? “Must be Santa” is one of those call and response tunes that make an old man feel like a kid yet again (not that I should totally observe definitely how that feels). Like us on Facebook


Top 10 Singers Who Have Won The Most AMA’s

November 28, 2016

1. MICHAEL JACKSON Seven years after his death, the King of Pop music still leads the chat with 24 wins in the American Music Awards. MJ won a range of the awards classified from Soul/R&B Male, Soul/R&B Album, Pop/Rock Male, Pop/Rock Video, Pop/Rock Album, Award of merit, Pop Rock Single,and International Artist Award. Seven years later, six feet under, and still the king! Like us on Facebook


Nicole Kidman’s 10 Best Roles Ever That We Just Love

November 22, 2016

1. Moulin Rouge Nicole’s beauty along with her on point acting was one of the most selling features of this film. During the film, you could see her take on a variety of roles, and it’s really hard not to admire her acting. Her passion for acting can be measured by the fact that Nicole broke two ribs and hurt her knee quite bad during the rehearsals and yet remain…


Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani’s Love Story

November 18, 2016

An initial report by OK! Magazine expressed that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton were giving it up after Shelton’s ex, Miranda Lambert, 32, sent “a progression of mean writings” to Stefani. Lambert’s messages supposedly came after she was educated by some music business companions about some unkind things Stefani said in regards to her. Shelton and Stefani started dating only a couple of months subsequent to separating Lambert. This is…


5 Best Hollywood Couples Of All Time

November 14, 2016

Furnished with excitement, a dash of sentiment and stores of embarrassments, one can’t deny the fascination big name control couples hold with their fans. So here is a various rundown of the 5 best Hollywood couples of all time who are exciting, dedicated and take your convictions seeing someone, up an indent 1. Mukesh and Nita Ambani The achievement of Mukesh and Nita Ambani marriage is a declaration to the…


Bradley Cooper’s Top 5 Plus 5 Greatest Roles

November 10, 2016

Bradley Cooper was more extensive throughout the weekend, keeping in mind he commanded the movies with a record taking; it isolated commentators and crowd individuals with its political and military messages. The one variable everybody concurred on, however, was the mind blowing execution by driving man Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle, an enriched Navy SEAL who devoted his life to his faithful comrades. It’s difficult to trust this is a…


A Side-by-side Look At Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s Achievements

November 9, 2016

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the US Presidential Aspirants have both made great achievements in their live history. The following are just a few of the biggest things they have accomplished; Hilary Clinton Achievements Over the years Hilary Clinton has been serving in the public services sector. The following are her major accomplishments 1. Health care provision for millions number of children As the first lady of United States, Hillary…


MTV EMAs 2016’s Highlights

November 8, 2016

The EMAs are a different brute from the VMAs, and the current year’s show in Rotterdam drew out a positively different kind of popular music. There was more move, more shake, less hip-jump and much, significantly more of pop underdogs like Zara Larsson and Bebe Rexha. Did they take advantage of their opportunity to sparkle? Look at our picks for the 2016 EMAs’ best and most noticeably awful minutes. Here…