Top 5 Best Super Bowl Halftime Shows of All Time

justin timberlake
October 24, 2017

The Super Bowl halftime show, which is the largest and most-watched TV show in the US implies that whoever performs amid the halftime show is playing on the greatest stage in the country. These Super Bowl halftime events started in 1991 with New Kids on the Block. Previously, the show featured a topic with marching bands and various performance groups. However, after 1991 it became the norm for pop stars…


8 Reasons Why You Should Watch Fast and Furious 8

April 19, 2017

After the successful accomplishment of his last film series, Furious 7, the film Fast and Furious released film entitled the Fast and Furious 8. Eighth series Fast and Furious is as yet featuring Vin Diesel ever. The difference in this film is that it no longer shows the emergency of Paul Walker who went about as the main character, Brian O’Connor. Regardless of that there are more reasons why you…


12 Amazing Facts about the Phenonmenal NFL Star Aaron Rodgers

August 9, 2016

Aaron Rodgers is a legend in his own right. He’s probably one of the well-loved and the most talented quarterbacks in the NFL today. But, of course, he’s more than what we usually perceive of him. Here are some amazing facts about the phenomenal, Aaron Rodgers. 1. Currently no. 1 in passer rating, interception percentage, and in Td/INT Ratio In the whole National Football League history, it was him who…


The Top 10 Most Expensive Football Players

July 27, 2016

Football is seemingly the most exciting sport in the world that attracts the largest following. The clubs struggle to remain competitive and the transfer markets display this war. The highest transfer rates are quoted but this doesn’t discourage the wealthy clubs. Quality over profit they say. This is an overview of football players with the highest transfer rates in 2016. Don’t be surprised at the values, they are real. 10….


Top 10 WWE Fighters With Terrible Bodies for 2016

June 21, 2016

WWE has always been a business that is image-oriented. Today, image is even more important because we are in an era of HD display and slow motion pictures. There is no wrestler who would want to be seen waddling on stage. WWE seems to have a preference for built athletes like the likes of John Cena. Fans prefer this as well. However, in such an industry, there needs to be…


Football’s Top 10 Most Expensive Transfer Rates Revealed

May 31, 2016

Football is one of the most popular sports played worldwide. It is called in other names such as soccer and rugby, depending on the country. This sport involves strategy from both teams in kicking the ball to the field towards the goal of the opposing team. A bit of throwing and running are some ways to keep the ball moving. Body tackling is also needed for offense and defense. Play time…


6 Female Tennis Players with Bodies You Won’t Believe!

March 9, 2016

Tennis can be a glamorous sport. The players can catch the eye both on and off the court too. Yes, it is trendy to wear the latest and best sporting gear when playing, especially for female players. The tennis world is one of glamour and glitz. There can be no doubt that the women are physically fit, with well – shaped and toned physiques. Beyond that, most of them appear…


Hot Shots of the NBA

February 29, 2016

The game of basketball has a huge following in the United States. It is said to be he most common sport after soccer, and the NBA is the most popular basket ball league. Players get paid millions of dollars and some say their salaries are over the top. But their salaries actually come with a lot of responsibility of leading their teams to the top spot in the league. Even…


Top 5 Football Players Without Champions League Trophy

February 13, 2016

When it comes to football there are a lot of trophies that a player can win in a single season. One of the most prestige after the World Cup is the Champions league for sure. For me they are on a same level, but the only difference between them is only that the World Cup has not played that often and only give us entertainment for every 4 years,unlikely like…


Wayne Rooney, The Player With The Highest Salary in English Football and Such Record-Breaking Goal in 2016

February 13, 2016

Wayne Rooney, The Player With The Highest Salary in English Football and Such Record-Breaking Goal in 2016. Wayne Rooney is a good example of English native talent still shines today amid the many foreign players playing in the English Premier League, with the fantastic salary £300k per week with Manchester United. Wayne Rooney moved from Everton to Manchester United in the summer of 2004 with £25m transfer fee. Now he…