Taylor Swift’s Past Love Affairs

June 7, 2016

Taylor Swift has had what many music experts describe as a successful music career. Many of these experts say that most of her music is motivated by her life experiences. She has had a series of love affairs and here is a sneak view into Taylor Swift’s past love affairs. 1. Joe Jonas- July 2008 to October 2008. If you’ve wondered why Taylor Swift’s “Last Kiss” is all about? Its…


Football’s Top 10 Most Expensive Transfer Rates Revealed

May 31, 2016

Football is one of the most popular sports played worldwide. It is called in other names such as soccer and rugby, depending on the country. This sport involves strategy from both teams in kicking the ball to the field towards the goal of the opposing team. A bit of throwing and running are some ways to keep the ball moving. Body tackling is also needed for offense and defense. Play time…


The Top 10 Memorable Roles of Chris Hemsworth

May 25, 2016

Chris Hemsworth is a handsome and famous actor who has wooed movie fans with his acting skills. He stormed the big screen in the Avengers’ and Thor’ film series, making an unforgettable impression. Hemsworth has also starred in several other high-profile Hollywood films, leaving an indelible mark. Below is a look at the top 10 memorable roles of Chris Hemsworth. 1. Star Trek In Star Trek’, Hemsworth plays the minor…


35 Photos That Aren’t What You Think

April 19, 2016

Some photos are taken just in time might bring a different meaning as it should be and sometimes maybe very awkward. They often make us looked at them twice to see what they really are. Here is a collection of 35 photos that were taken on time. Take time to look at each of them, sometimes it can be very funny or relate to someone’s embarrassing moments. 1. Prove you…


10 Celebrities Who Haven’t Aged Even A Bit

April 11, 2016

Many people are shocked when they learn about their favorite celebrities’ ages. This is because there are some who look older than their age and there are those that look younger than they are. Apart from these groups of celebrities, there are those that do not seem to age. They look the same in pictures taken very many years apart. Age is just a number as they say and this…