Highlights of Mariah Carey and James Parker’s Love Story

November 1, 2016

The American singer, record producer, song writer and not to forget mentioning an actress as well, Maria Carey rose to success like no other singer. She got fame after the release of the song “Vision of Love” from her debut album. Mariah Carey has been one of the shining stars of the music industry and has sold many records. After being divorced in 2014, Mariah is hitting the love road…


Drake’s Birthday Party’s Guest List

October 28, 2016

One of the wealthiest rapper alive now. He is a bundle of unique talents, well-known for his rap songs, motivational lyrics and a recognized actor. Aubrey Drake Graham, Canadian rapper. 1. Drake – Rapper  He started off his career with the drama series Degrassi the next generation in the initial years of 2000s. But he always had a passion for the rapper’s career than becoming an actor. So, he departed…


Top 5 Selena Gomez ‘S Most-Liked Instagram Photos

October 26, 2016

Selena Gomez is presently the authoritative ruler of Instagram. The 23-year-old artist has the most-loved photograph on the photograph sharing stage, earning more than 4 million likes (and numbering) for a snap set up two weeks back. At first look, there’s nothing all that astounding about the photo — only a glammed-up Gomez tasting on an out-dated jug of Coca-Cola wearing a shading composed top — yet it’s about setting….


20 of Adam Levine and Blake Shelton’s Most Bromantic Moments

October 20, 2016

Long before Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani fired up their romance and gave us a new fairytale to sing about, The Voice had its own quirky, comically steamy bromance that even got its own fan name and hash tag; “Shevine.” After working together for seven seasons, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton have formed a bond that has often been the highlight of the show. Here are 20 of Adam Levine…


Joe Jonas’ Ex-Girlfriends

October 20, 2016

Teen heartthrob of the Jonas Brother’s Band, Joe Jonas is known for having vocals which can make any teenage girl swoon. Joe Jonas is now 27 years of age and the lead singer of his very own band called DNCE spewing out hit after hit on Billboard’s top 100. Such include “Cake by the Ocean” and “Toothbrush”. The album Swaay features both those songs and another album, self-titled, will drop…


Pansexual Outfits Of Celebrities

October 14, 2016

The term pansexual is used to refer to people who are attracted to other people sexually regardless of their sexual and gender identities. Pansexuality is common nowadays and even has a flag that was created in 2010. The flag consists of pink, yellow and blue horizontal stripes. You can deduce a lot from a celebrity outfit. That is why in this article we shall try to look into personalities of…


9 Stars Who Had Kids When They Were Just Kids Themselves

September 13, 2016

Do you know that there are celebrities who became mothers as early as 16 years? Giving birth at a tender age does not mean that you cannot become successful at the end of the day. There are many celebrities from different parts of the world who have become superstars after giving birth at a young age. Here are 9 stars who had kids when they were just kids themselves 1….


Top 8 Shocking Tweets of Donald Trump

August 31, 2016

If any presidential candidate has the motivation to stamp Twitter’s tenth birthday, it’s Donald Trump. The stage has been the main thrust in his guerrilla presidential office in 2016. Trump’s relationship with Twitter started honestly on May 4, 2009, with a fitting to watch his appearance on Late Night with the previous host David Letterman. From that point forward, things have truly gone downhill. Trump’s Twitter feed has turned into…


10 things you definitely didn’t know about Bill Murray

August 30, 2016

Are you the world’s biggest Bill Murray fan? We bet you never knew the following 10 facts about the American funnyman! We’ve compiled a list of the most exciting, little-known snippets about the Emmy-winner and writer for you to impress fellow movie buffs with. 1. Hunter S. Thompson almost drowned Bill Murray  During the filming of ‘Where the Buffalo Roam’, the two men became friendly and started competing to see…


Top 10 straight stars that got labeled as gay

August 23, 2016

Relationships can be in the form of Gays, bisexual, straights, transgender and so on. This has been a nature and people cannot overcome this. People do not know that even celebrities are human. Are they meant only to entertain people and not to take a look at their lives? Obviously they would look at their life. There are lots of people who create rumors about the well-known celebrities whom are…