The Weeknd is Over. Who Will Bella Hadid Date Next?

She is a renowned celeb with a history of fame behind her. Walking and posing on the red carpet is not her new cake. She’s had it and it’s still coming. But now that The Weeknd is done, who is on the list of possible dates? It is time to trace back into history and reality.

1. Could it be her former ex, Duke Conrad?

Bella Hadid


It has been said that the first cut is the deepest. Perhaps it also applies to people in the distant past. From November, 2011 to May 2012, Bella Hadid was dating Duke Conrad. Interestingly, she is a special type that doesn’t give up easily. She is not the type that loves someone today and jumps into another relationship the following day. She takes time to love and let go. As history has revealed in her past, she has been sentimental with the people she treasured in the past. Therefore, from this end, it is easy to claim that the first cut Duke Conrad might end up being the lucky one after all. Especially that the two have led separate lives for some time now. It might just be the spark they needed for her to jump into the next relationship.

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