Top 5 Scandals of Selena Gomez

Top 5 scandals of Selene GomezSelena Gomez has been involved into a number of sex scandals, some time she had to reply back after the media started talking about those scandals. Below are some Top 5 scandals of Selene Gomez that has led her to be a topic of the media for some time;

1. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez in Sex Tape Scandal?

GettyImages-143028598High school music sensation Justin Bieber and his on-and-off sweetheart Selena Gomez are confronting a sex tape outrage that has shaken online networking in the course of the most recent few days. As per a source near the Baby artist, he has been gloating to his companions how he and Selena have been making sex tapes innumerable times. The source guarantees that Justin depicts the sex tapes as “insane” and “absolutely hot.”
The claimed insider likewise uncovered that Selena loves making sex tapes with Justin just if it remains a mystery between the two. Justin is supposed to have all the sex recordings in his ownership and it is simply a question of time before they spill.

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