Katy Perry’s Friend List

Katy Perry in one of the most celebrated and renowned singer of today and has a great fan following among the youngsters. Her songs like E.T, Firework, Teenage Dream and many other are all chartbusters and have very high rating on ITunes and Soundcloud.
Almost everyone around us is always interested in the personal lives of these well known celebrities and want to get to know who they date, who is best friends with whom, where does one live, their hobbies etc. Being a celebrity, it’s hard for them keep their private lives private. So here we have come up with a list Katy Perry’s best friends and close friends.

1. Katy Perry & Rihanna

Rihanna-and-Katy-Perry-MTV-VMA-katy-perry-and-rihanna-37013510-1440-900Katy Perry & Rihanna are like “Best Friends Forever”. These young ladies have often scene partying together at certain events like award shows, private parties and music festivals. Rihanna is a well known and famous singer and they both have been spotted together many times. Together Forever “Katy & Rihanna”

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