Justin Bieber’s Manager Scooter Braun: Many said that I’d better leave him out

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber fans all over the world must by crying their hearts out right now as his manager, Scooter Braum, announced that he would not be able to complete his “Purpose” tour. Eventually Bieber issued a statement in which he said that he would want his “mind, heart and soul to be sustainable” and most of his fans wholeheartedly supported his decision. Braum also supported his friend and client by going out and stressing that he did actually manage to go on tour and perform more than 150 times throughout the world. It seems that Braum wanted the people to feel that Beiber’s cancellation of his tour was justified. Understandably, fans and staff of his tour could easily see how hard he worked. Anyone who worked the way he did really did deserve a break.

However, there are people who were skeptical about the reason for the young Canadian star’s abrupt end to his tour. Some say that he was returning to his old ways that have put him under the spotlight in a less than positive light. If you remember that there was a time in his life where we was wild, unhinged and embarrassing that almost destroyed his career. There was even a time when Braum said that if Beiber would continue to tour back then, he was going to die. Even in the Purpose tour, there was evidence that he was going back to the bad boy so many people wanted to hate.

There seems to be different unverified news of him circulating around. News ranging from the farfetched like him being not able to continue his tour due to his being out and  involved in some religious cult; to those of the most sensible kind in which he wanted to leave the spotlight to focus on himself. He was returning to being the person he said he hated to be. All in all, there seems to be nothing to support the claims that Braum would no longer support Justin Bieber either as a friend or as a manager. Which is pretty beautiful if you ask me especially since there are news of him saying that “I’d better leave him out”.

If that statement was true, we could read a lot into it and his relationship with Justin Bieber. Is he fed up with the wild antics of the wildly successful young star or is it the same as his sentimental promise in the past that he would never leave him. Either way, there seem to be a lot of gossip going around. Fortunately, most of these are unverified. We can now only hope and pray that he does not return to his old ways and that he stays on the right path.

One thing is for sure, whether you hate him or not, Justin Bieber is here to stay for better or for worse with more and more of his songs being worldwide hits selling millions of albums, downloads and streaming. He is still a lucrative investment for the entertainment industry and is also still undoubtedly one of the shining stars of this generation. It would even seem that no matter what he does or says, he will still hold the hearts and minds of millions of captive audiences worldwide.


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