Cristiano Ronaldo Happily Debuts Twin Babies

After the defeat at Confed Cup 2017, Ronaldo still managed to land first page coverage in the newspapers. The Portuguese foward has found himself in the spotlight by announcing the welcome of his twins.

The Daily Mail newspaper revealed that the twins were boys. However, based on their clothes, sources confirm that the twins are actually a boy and girl named Mateo and Eva. First reported by Portuguese newspapers, British media has also confirmed this information.

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“So happy to be able to hold the two new loves of my life. …”, Ronaldo wrote.

The twins were born on 8/6 in the USA. Their mothers name was kept under wraps but the Portuguese media believe that Ronaldo asked for a surrogate mother, just like the case of his first son, Junior. Ronaldo once said he would never reveal the identity of the children’s mothers until the time was right.


“I’ve been devoting myself to the national team with all of my spirit and strength even after the birth of my children. The gestures of the President of the Portugal national football association today was touching. I am so happy to finally see my two children for the first time”, Ronaldo shared his sentiment on Facebook.

Ronaldo is expecting his fourth son next October. The Portugal media has leaked a piece of information that Ronaldo’s current girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez is five months pregnant with their daughter.

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